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Newark Student, Once Imprisoned, Urges Community Involvement

Terrell, a student in Rutgers University-Newark's School of Public Affairs and Administration who served five years in prison, urges Newark residents to "get involved in the community."

News Leaders Debate Civic Role of Journalism

Five leading journalists discuss the 'essential purpose' of news, and imagine vast changes in our democracy in 15 years. This 'non-partisan, no-blame' forum steers clear of finance and party politics, and focuses instead on citizens as creative problem-solvers. Click for Forum Contents

Newark "Collaborative" Signals Shift Toward Achievement: 

Michael Hobbs, Jr., a student at Centenary College who grew up in Newark, speaks at the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) launch at Rutgers University-Newark.  The NCLC's aim is to increase the percentage of Newark residents with higher education degrees from 17% to 25% by 2025. Read "Newark Has a Dream" a related blogpost by NJ Arts News intern Kei-Sygh Thomas.

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College "Attainment" Campaign Receives $1.5 million from Newark Foundation | by NJ Arts News (6/15/15)

Rutgers University-Newark's Center for Law and Justice, Kimberly Baxter McLain, President & CEO of the Foundation for Newark’s Future, announced a $1.5 million grant for the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC). Read More...

What Should News Be? | by Kei-Sygh Thomas (4/2/15)

On the evening of March 2, five esteemed journalists and publishers gathered in the auditorium at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit to discuss the interesting question, For “We the People,” What Should News Be?  Read More...

"Newark has a Dream" | by Kei-Sygh Thomas (2/24/15)

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Nearly 250 students and representatives of Newark nonprofit groups, businesses, and government and educational organizations gathered to hear about projects designed to help Newark students make the transition...  Read More...



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Public Forum: For "We the People," What Should News Be? 

Five Summit-area journalists with diverse backgrounds in print, TV, radio, and magazine publishing engage in a wide-ranging discussion on the role of news in civic life.  The forum was attended by 100 in the Central Presbyterian Church auditorium in downtown Summit.  Onstage left to right: Janet Haag (Interweave; co-moderator; Jim Schachter (WNYC), Kate Tomlinson (New Jersey Monthly), Terry Baker (Al Jazeera America), Mary Alice Williams (NJTV), Mark Di Ionno (Star Ledger), and Susan Haig (NJ Arts News; co-moderator.)

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3/2/15 - News Forum in Summit, NJ - What Should News Be? Monday, March 2, 7:15 in Summit, NJ.

11/20/14 - The Annual General Meeting of NJ Arts News, Inc. took place on Thursday, November 20, 6:00 to 7:15, in Summit, NJ.

6/11/14 - WORDS MATTER Radio Series: Media Release

12/18/13 - NJ Arts News Releases 50 Videos; new web wite launched.