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Eco-Friendly Farms Help Educate Public:
Local NJ farms and businesses help educate the public about eco-friendly and sustainable food production. A chocolate maker, a dairy farm marketer, and a beekeeper share their insight about what it means to be "organic," the importance of sustainable practices, and the link between pesticide use and declining bee populations.

Three University Leaders Weigh in on Humanities: Humanities education fosters a "suppleness of intellect" that helps people adapt to "environments that are highly subject to change and highly competitive," says  Peter Mercer, President, Ramapo College. Click on "Words Matter Radio Project" icon (upper right) to access all five Words Matter podcasts. 

Urgency of Action - Higher Ed. Leaders Speak Out on Environment: "I say to my students, you really have to get involved with a group that is going to help you make the deep systemic changes that are going to be required in the next ten to fifteen years,"  says  Judith Stark, Co-Director of Seton Hall University's Environmental Studies Program.

notes on news

On April 16, Montclair State University hosted Not Just For Techies: A Panel on Humanities-Focused Startups between NJ/NY and Italy. This event, organized by Professor Teresa Fiore, Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies, and Dennis Bone, Director of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, demonstrated how the humanities and entrepreneurship are mutually beneficial. Chief Technology Officer of Guy Story, one of the conference speakers, surprised the audience by performing a song he had composed for the occasion. Other speakers included co-authors of Tech in the City Maria Teresa Cornetto and Alessandro Piol, and CEO of HyperTV Claudio Vaccarella. ArtMotion Picture produced a short video covering the "Not Just For Techies" forum. Read More . . .



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